1nes Premiere – December 23

We finished it the pilot up just in the nick of time, at about 4 am. I then went home and packed, and got up a couple hours later to catch my flight back to BC. I’m still working on things here, trying to prepare the best way to release it. Been waffling between Vimeo and YouTube, and am starting to lean pretty heavily towards YouTube for it’s virality, despite the clean look of Vimeo. I think we’ll release it on both, but I’ll primarily send out the YouTube link. So far the response from those that saw it at the school, and at the conferences in the states has been very excited.

The pilot 1nes episode will premiere online at 5:00 pm PST, December 23. Stay tuned on the 1nes Facebook Page.

This is me after 17 straight hours of editing: