1nes Progress

I’ve been here for a week already! It feels like much longer. So many things have happened, and it already feels like there are so many dimensions to life here. For now I’m fulfilling two primary roles, one being working on the development of the 1nes project, and the other being serving as a residential advisor (dorm parent) in the boys dorms.

It has been a great experience so far, and I’m learning a lot. I have no doubt that I will learn more during my time here than I would at any film school, and that learning will be so much more valuable as I will have the experience of applying it at the same time as learning, instead of separately.

There are several other volunteers as well, and a very young staff in general, so it has been a lot of fun spending time and getting to know everyone. It’s so great to be part of such a tight community, reminds me of Maxwell.

1nes progress.

We have been doing a lot of brainstorming, consultation, and visioning around the project and trying to work out the format. We had to meet with Mary and Clark on Friday (the producers from Little Mosque on the Prairie) and that was a very helpful, although it has also really challenged our vision. We are still really working at the format, and what the show is going to look like exactly.

We went and visited several of the classes on Friday to talk to the students about the project, and invited them to sign up to be involved. We will begin interviewing some of them on Monday. Ms. Eghanian is holding up the grade 12 signup sheet here.

One of the aspects of the show will be this Café that is being built at the school. The purpose of the café is to provide an environment for community to build and strengthen, through social interaction and the arts. So the café is also going to double as a set for the 1nes project, and will be the space where the youth on the show have meaningful conversations.

One of the three NCCI buildings have been dedicated for this, but in order to create the space for the café we had to go in and tear down some walls to open the space up. So that’s what we did yesterday.This was the space before we started.

And 3 hours later this is what it looked like.

This is the building that the café is going to be in, seen here from the back.

Taking down the walls.

On a mission.

Nabil doing some cleanup.

Karim, the manager of the café, set up a temporary café in the school until the big one is ready. Yah know what I’m sayyyin?

I shot this promo of him last week to let students know that they are now hiring.

Cage Café from NancyCampbell on Vimeo.

One of the aspects of the coffee shop will be performances and events. There was a coffee house last friday, and I shot this of one of the students performing.

Richard Performs @ NCCI Coffee House from NancyCampbell on Vimeo.