April fools!

April fools! this is the original...

Just about backed and ready for my flight in 3 hours into croc territory. For once my pack is too big, and sagging with emptiness. Lots of room for crocodile skin wallets and jackets! Kyle keeps telling me that my plane is going to crash and that I’m going to get eaten by crocodiles, and everyone seems really worried about the hippos. I’m looking forwards to an adventure. Anyway, if I do get attacked by a hippo or chomped on by a crocodile at least you’ll have a good story to tell! On the white mans pill of Africa, the malaria pill. My stomach really doesn’t like it, but I figure it’s better than the alternative of Malaria.

Just about packed my knife in my bag. How can I go on a safari without a knife! I’m really not going to miss being frisked every time I go into a mall, or to see a movie. Alright well I should brush my teeth and head out for the airport, I’m really curious to see what the landing strip will be like where I’m headed. By the length of time my flight is going to take guessing I’m going to be a very small plane. Wish me luck!