Beginning Exposures

During one of my recent internet browsing sessions (generally how educate myself in the art of photography) I came across an article & video that spoke about the process of double exposures. This was something that only a few days earlier I had been reflecting on, and thinking that I might be interested in playing around with a film SLR solely for the purpose of experimenting with double exposures. Then, I came across this article and discovered that I could do it with my DSLR, and that was that. You can see in the images below some of my first experiments with double exposure as well as some moody shots of the surrounding environment.

Galen Flower B&W Tara Flower untitled-102 untitled-114 untitled-59 untitled-229 untitled-210-Edit untitled-2-Edit untitled-81 untitled-90 untitled-131-2 untitled-116