Busy, Excited World

So many things happen each day; it’s hard to capture it all. I feel like I am doing a thousand things here, and at each moment I am being productive but always at a different and new task. It keeps things exciting, but makes it hard to quickly advance any one thing. A few things among many that I worked on this week include: cleaning up and consolidating the Nancy Campbell social media, doing graphic design for the halloween dance, being the DJ and photographer for the student council Halloween runway, setting up, planning and being the DJ for the Halloween Dance, working as technician, cinematographer, and director of photography for the 1nes project tech shoots, and working to create a studio space / office for audio-visual work (for Karim and myself). It has involved lots of trips to Long and McQuade, I can tell you that. I’m hoping that I will be able to train some of the staff and students to take on some of these things themselves. It has been great experience so far, and lots of fun, especially getting to work with so many amazing and talented individuals.

This post is driven by photos that I have taken here and there over the past week or so. Here are a few of them, and a peek into the world here at Nancy Campbell. To see more photos check out the Nancy Campbell Facebook page.

I’m trying to make myself as present in the world of social media as possible because I think it will be a very important skill when I start to look for work in the media world. So please follow me on my new addition: twitter! Find me @galenhumber or by clicking the “follow” button on the right-hand sidebar.

This was the halloween runway that the student council created. See more of the photos from this on the Facebook page.

Mr. Rushdy in costume.

Cruella Deville a.k.a Julie Kim showcasing her strut.

Yep, that’s me.

No, I’m not a book. This was actually one of the most entertaining halloween costumes for me because nobody got it, and then gradually throughout the day people would have revelations about what I was. It was pretty great.

Watch out for these students, they’re here to bring justice to this world.

This is the poster that I made for the dance with the loving and grudgingly willing face of the wonderful Ms. Eghanian. Just to clarify for her sake, this has been heavily photoshopped, and her face doesn’t really look like this.

Mr. Rushdy and guest performing at last nights Coffee House & dance.

We’ve been testing different audio options, different types of mics and interfaces, as well as lighting and camera angles. It’s proving to be quite difficult to get the right look and sound on the absent budget that we have but we’re still working at it.

Apparently lights and cameras make Julie Kim sleepy…

Laura Lee and Mr. Naylor on set!

Behind the scenes of our first test shoot with students.

Random, but I love this shot.

Another random shot, just for fun.