Christmas time in the city

In 7 days I will have been here for 3 months. Christmas will be past by then, eight days later it will be 2010, the long awaited Olympics will arrive in Vancouver, and I will be 19. But that’s all relative to my frame of reference – home, home on the other side of the world. Here Christmas won’t be past until January 8th, and it will still be 2003. Freedom, isn’t that what I’ve always wanted? Yes, I’m free, I live on my own, I make my own decisions. I guess that’s nice? It’s like the first time I drove by myself in Victoria, ‘the big city’, that’s a great memory, but driving in the ‘big city’ has never been so memorable since. There’s a first time for everything, and it’s often a little more special. I’m starting to feel like I’m really living here, I guess lounging in comfort on my bed, reading and watching sitcoms, with enough stuff to have a messy room, is a sign of sorts to that measure. My rooms not really that messy, but it’s lived in, I live in it, I live here. Yep I live in the Unity condominiums, in Addis Ababa, beautiful Ethiopia, hot Africa, but still planet earth. Oh and hey dad, I found Orion, he’s taking a nap over here though lounging on his side. His sword nebula seems to be growing – ever since I gazed up at it in 5th grade.

I bought a book today. I left school early to go to a travel agent and check out domestic flights. Have I mentioned that there is a different price for Ethiopians and foreigners when it comes to flights and hotels? In Canada they’d peg that as racism, but I guess has some merit here, my jury’s still out on that. I stopped at a bookstore and picked up one of the few authors who has managed to make it around the world and get his own rack in an African bookstore; Dan Brown. Yeah, I did bring too many books, but I needed an adventure, a book I can’t put down. Now, I understand the whole literary thing, well written books that bring everyday life to life in extraordinary terms, but sometimes I want to escape, something a little less ordinary. I’m not very good a finishing books that have slow parts in them, I like books with about 10 pages of rising action, 500 pages of climax, and 5 pages of dénouement. Anyway, that’s seems to be Dan Brown’s style which is pretty convenient for me, sometime I’ll get back to Orwell, Rohinton Mistry, and Paulo Coelho. Oh yeah, so Paulo Coelho is the other author in rival with Dan Brown, and seems to be winning. He’s even made it to the streets, Brown is still only to be found in the more posh bookstores, imported copies, but Coelho seems to found himself an Ethiopian photocopy machine and swarmed the streets. I find the selection of available literature rather intriguing.

Anyway, Digital Fortress (book I bought) is rivaling my recent Lost addiction, and its definitely winning which is fantastic because my conscience hates it when I watch much TV, and loves it when I read books.

All right, so yes, I have been very busy lately, and no I haven’t been lounging around. Well, I did to that all weekend I admit, but I deserved it after another supersonically busy weekend. I didn’t know supersonically was a word, that’s cool. Yeah school has been busy, but fun. I absolutely love the kids, that is definitely going to be one of the hardest parts about leaving, leaving these awesome and incredibly cute kids!

Yeah so I’m headed off on a historical tour of Northern Ethiopia next week with one of the teachers from school. Looking forward to seeing all the ancient castles, stelae, and churches. It’s great I’m getting to be Indiana Jones, school teacher by day, guy flying around Africa looking for the Ark of the Covenant by holiday. Although, I’ll know now not to open it up if I find it. (That’s a mildly obscure allusion to Indiana’s hit film Raiders of the lost Ark in case you didn’t catch on).

Pretty sure I’m going to buy myself a big huge expensive bar of imported dark chocolate for Christmas. Anyway I’ll be sure to keep you updated on my adventure, because adventure it will be. Chow for now; hope your all enjoying the snow by the way. I mean its not like I was wearing flip-flops a t-shirt and shorts the other day. No big deal. I miss the snow!