Crunch Time

7 days left to finish this pilot episode! That means it’s crunch time. We still have lots of shots to get, some voiceovers, and I have folders and folders full of footage to edit and make something coherent out of. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to really begin to learn to edit, especially with such amazing content. I’m quite happy with how my footage is starting to turn out visually, and feel like I have certainly come a long way in the past year since I started along this journey. Now I just need to work on my camera work (in terms of camera movement, motion etc.) But above all, is the edit! So far my editing is pretty basic, although I am getting much faster. I wish I had more experience doing more advanced effects for this project, but thats what learning is for, and so much of that there is to do. It’s all very exciting, what a blessing it is to engage yourself in something that you love doing; something that excites you.

We went to Jack Lenz‘ studio in Toronto this weekend to work on recording a theme song, it was a lot of fun and a pretty special experience for the youth to be able to work with very talented artists and record in a million dollar studio. Check out more photos from our trip on the 1nes Facebook page HERE.

Now I have the task of putting together some footage for the song, in a very short period of time.

Back on the roof again the other night.

This is behind the scenes of the cutting of a couple of the segments I’m working on.