#DawnDays – 6 Part Series

#DawnDays (dubbed Dawn Days because we released each video sequentially every monday over 6 weeks) This is a six part series that I did with Emoticon Dawn. The beginning concept and goal was quick one or two shot takes, and all live performances. We shot the first two in one evening, and the following four over the course of one day. It was an great learning experience, and definitely brought out some different editing techniques in an effort to dramatize and work with this raw sort of look that they all have. All of the audio was recorded live, and mixed by Karim Rushdy (apart from Jumanji – Pt 5 which was recorded and mixed by Nabil Moghaddam). Definitely an new and interesting experience, live has such a different vibe than your typical lip synced and pre planned music video.

Enjoy, you’ll find rap, poetry, opera, beautiful instrumentals, raw and varied visuals, it’s all there.