Della Falls Expedition

These images depict a journey that Ben and myself took to Della Falls this summer. It was quite the trip, especially after being in the city for the past few years and not having much of any sort of time in the wilderness. It was like diving into a cool glacial lake on a hot summers day (yes, we literally did that on the trip) being immersed once again in nature.

The first day was spent driving, and then canoeing down Great Central lake. It was about a 15 km paddle, and took us around 5 hours with the wind at our backs. The next day we hiked 8 hours to the base of Della Falls. The following day we climbed 800 metres in elevation to Love Lake, a beautiful glacial lake on the opposite side of the valley as the falls. Round trip from our campsite that took about 6 hours. At 6:00pm that evening we set off for our base camp at Great Central, and hiked for another 6 hours (3 of which were in the dark) to arrive at 11:00pm and collapse, exhausted after a 12 hour day of hiking. After 4 hours of sleep we rose and began paddling before the sunrise in an effort to make it as far as possible before a headwind beganĀ breezing down the lake as the water and land adjusted temperature to the rising sun.

It was hard work, but worth every bug bite, blister, bruise, cut, and sun burn. The chance to be immersed in nature is never one to be passed up. As Baha’u’llah says: “The country is the world of the soul, the city is the world of bodies.”

We took a lot of the photos on the way, it was in large part a photographic expedition for both of us. These are a collection of my favourites that tell the story of our adventure. Some of Ben’s can be seen on his Flickr page here, you’ll see photos with me on the other side of the camera there, while you see Ben on my side of the camera here.


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