Digital Media

It is now the end of the first quarter. Next week is evaluation week, in the morning the students have exams, and in the afternoon they will go home and the teachers will work on their evaluations.

Next week will be very busy for me, I have several articles to write for the quarterly newsletter, most of which will require research. I volunteered to write an article about ADHD based on what I have been reading; this will require a lot of work. I will also be creating the newsletter in InDesign after teaching myself how to use the program.

Along with this I will be working on the evaluations for my classes, and reading the Norse Myths, which I need to be finished and prepared with for the next week when I will be using them for grade 4. I need to make books for grade 4.

If I get a chance I’ll be working on the yearbook, again figuring out how to create it with a combination of Photoshop and InDesign.

I promised that I would do a presentation about Waldorf education Gail, Zelalem, and Mr. Jamal, so I have a lot of reading and research to do for that, and have to figure out how to create an exciting and interactive presentation.

I’m reading 6 books at once right now.

Learning lots! Lots and lots.

Plane tickets to Cairo are very cheap from here, anyone want to come see the Pyramids with me this Christmas? I might have a chance to go to Israel on pilgrimage in March!