Exploration of Voice

I am excited to announce the beginning of a new project. It is an exploration of something that has been at the back of my mind, and something that I have been very conscious of for quite some time. I must give credit indeed, to my grade 12 English teacher who is responsible for the inception of this idea within my growing mind. Voice was something that was very important to him in writing, and one that he spoke a great deal about the importance of. He also praised my work for the voice that I had in my writing, and told me that he expected great things out of me. Out of all of the interactions that I have had with teachers and professors, I think that those few comments had the greatest impact on me, and since, a consciousness of voice has stuck with and inhabited my thoughts.

Voice is a hard thing to describe. What I mean when I use the term, is the way in which an author or artist presents their work, and the consequent manner in which the viewer responds. Different voices have different effects on us and the way we feel; many we find boring and hard to concentrate on, while others are engage and suck us in. If you have ever had the experience of becoming so immersed in a book that you simply can’t put it down, then you have experienced the power of voice. Through whatever medium, voice has the power to dictate the reaction of the audience, and I would argue that it is more important and more powerful than the medium itself.

I am beginning this exploration with a number of questions, among these are: What makes an effective narrative? What draws people in? How do you capture and engage someone’s imagination? Who are some of the people that have effectively done this, and how have they done it? If someone like myself has an incredibly busy life, with dozens of things on the go at once and thoughts racing through their mind in all directions, what kind of voice will be powerful enough to calm that hectic mind and guide its imagination to a desired topic?
The media is an incredibly powerful tool, but I believe that in order to be truly powerful and to truly reach people, at the heart of every medium is voice. Marshal McLuan believed that “The medium is the message”, I believe that more importantly, voice is the message.

This idea of voice is one that fascinates me, and one that I am constantly critically conscious of in my interactions with media and literature. Thus, it is with excitement that I launch into this project of investigation and exploration. Although my focus is on exploring the works of others, it will also be a journey for myself in search of my own voice.