Fairy Tale

Distant notes of music drifted to our ears through the darkness. The sound was faint but not far off and it had a certain quality to it; it was alive. Almost blindly our feet carried us in the direction of the music. We walked through the darkness and down the road, laughing and talking. We walked and we walked, but the sound still seemed faint. Finally our feet brought us to a winding road that led off into the darkness of a field. The music was louder now. We followed down the road and through the darkness, the music became louder and our feet slowed as we were unsure of what to expect. Eventually the road ran out, the music was close, it was now clear.

A trail of small white lights appeared leading through the trees in the direction of the music. Our feet followed. Before we knew it we had come out of the trees and before our unexpecting eyes lay a small lake glistening in the starlight. The music drifted to us clearly from across the lake. The ceiling of a white pavilion tent was illuminated directly across from us. We could make out the glossy shine of a stand up base.

We moved closer and stood in the shadows of a small clump of trees and some large rocks. We listened as the notes drifted to us clearly from across the shimmering water. The setting was surreal, it was as though we were in a dream. We moved closer walking past tables of discarded bottles and food to where a fire blazed near the tented stage. A large circle of people sat, stood and danced around the the fire. We had found the source. A small row boat glided across the lake, oars splashing at the hands of two giggling girls. For a moment her stern was illuminated in the firelight and the transom read Mary Jay.

The music was soothing and fulfilling. Sweet voices filled our ears with upbeat folk tunes. The stand up base, guitar, violin, and drum moved our feet in time. I stood, under the starlit sky, and soaked up the mystical beauty of it all. I had stumbled into a fairy tale.