Film Work

London Streets by Night from Galen Humber on Vimeo.

This is a personal project that I did exploring the streets of London by night. Read more about the production here:


The Rap Camp — Nancy Campbell Arts Camps from NancyCampbell on Vimeo.

This is a video that I did for The Rap Camp, a very inspiring endeavour.


Episode 2 of the 1nes project!


This is a video I did with Karim Rushdy around the facebook phenomenon of ‘TBH’. Read more about it here:


This is part of a 6 part series that I did with Emoticon Dawn.


This is a promotional video I made for the Rap Camp.


This is my favourite music videos that I have worked on to date. I shot and edited everything in this video (it’s cut from the end of the 1nes pilot episode.)


This was for a Coca Cola Covers competition through Much Music.


A Family Experience – Nancy Campbell Collegiate Institute from NancyCampbell on Vimeo.

This is a video I made for the Nancy Campbell Collegiate Institute.


This is a video that I did with Arlen Yanch from Emoticon Dawn.


This is another video for Emoticon Dawn as part of #DawnDays (a new live performance video every Monday over several weeks)


This is our pilot episode for the 1nes project. I am the Technical Director, Editor, and Cinematographer on this project. It’s been an exciting project to work on, and I’ve learned so much (and lost so much sleep) in the past few weeks filming and editing this. But, the hard work has paid off. This is the kind of content that I want to produce, meaningful, beautiful, and inspiring! Take a look, and make sure it’s in 1080p!


This is a devotional video I edited using stock footage.


These Walls from NancyCampbell on Vimeo.

Even these walls won’t stop me
Ain’t nothing gonna get in my way
Even if the end gets hard to see
I’ll still be here reflecting my ray.

The Nancy Campbell school and the 1nes Project have come together to create a space where people will feel comfortable expressing themselves, grow as individuals, and engage their world. This space is taking shape as a café. Considering the core values at work in this project, we wrote this song to accompany footage of the initial construction.


Every Other Friday from NancyCampbell on Vimeo.

Every Other Friday the Cage Café at Nancy Campbell Collegiate Institute hosts a Coffee House. This is is a little promotional video for the Cage, featuring an original song written by Mr. Karim Rushdy with moral support from Mr. Galen Humber and Miss Julie Kim (at 3 am). Thank you to all the friends and family of Nancy Campbell for your participation in this community, and this incredible showcase of talent! The credits for all those showcased in the video are written into the lyrics, so listen close. Filmed & Edited by Galen Humber.


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