First Lights of Christmas

Last night Karim, Lua and I wandered through Victoria Park (directly across the street from the residence where I live), drinking in the Christmas spirit emitted by the glowing lights. I’d been asking around a few days earlier to find the highest place in London to take pictures from, and had heard that you could go to the top of City Hall on Christmas day. So, we wandered over and low and behold the door was open! A young lady inside ushered us into the elevator and told us to get off on the 12th floor. Magnificent!

Later, I ran across town to the school to get my camera (Karim and Lua had gone home). I happened to run into Julie who excitedly joined me in the trek back to the skies. Of course I forgot the one lens I wanted, so I didn’t end up with any spectacular pictures or timelapses, but here’s an idea of what it looked like. That’s Victoria park.

Afterwards, on our way to indulge in 2 for 1 cake night, we stopped and took some pictures in the park. Here they are.