First Photo Shoot

Time to explore a new area of photography. Exciting! Meegin asked me if I could take some head shots for her, and so I figured it was time I learn how to do it right. I’ve attempted to do head shots twice before, and both times been disappointed with the results. To quote the black eyed peas “Google is my Proffessor”, so I googled it, and watched a video about shooting with a model which was a huge help. So today, Meegin and I went down to the sea, and this time I was prepared with ideas about what lens’ to use, and how to direct her. I was pretty happy with the results, and am excited to do more. I love learning, and there is nothing more exciting then delving into a new realm. I think I really love photography and film so much because it is both technical and scientific, but also very artistic, it’s like creating a painting with numbers, with physics.

Here’s a few of the shots from today, please comment!

Here’s a peak behind the scenes at a before and after in Lightroom. It’s such an art, editing, and a lot of fun. It’s interesting to see the progression and change of colour choices etc as time goes by.