Food blogging?


It was a cold winter night, and I was hungry and needed to make something for dinner. I hadn’t planned anything out, so I was stuck rifling through the cupboards and the fridge in search of a worthy combination of ingredients. Then my friend called, and asked what I was doing. I told him I was making dinner, and invited him to come over. Then I went back to my hunt for sustenance, pulling from the cupboard a couple cans of beans, some quinoa, yoghurt, and other odds and ends. I began cooking. Fourty-minutes later, as I was stirring my concoction which had turned into some sort of bean quinoa yoghurt soup, my friend arrived. He took one look at my resourceful pot, and without missing a beat said “I’m not eating that”. It was at that moment that I knew things had to change. I simply couldn’t go on living like this anymore.

I’m the kind of person that has a one track mind. When I decide to do something, I go all out. So I decided to learn to cook delicious food that I would want to eat, and that my friends wouldn’t turn their nose up at.  I started googling recipes, and making a few dishes here and there. I made butter chicken, which while my friends agreed it was tasty, couldn’t recognize it as butter chicken. So I turned to book depository, and began my search for the ultimate cookbooks. This spanned several weeks of research, pouring over descriptions of all kinds of different books. Over the past year I’ve accumulated a rather heavy pile of cookbooks, which required their own box to ship back to Canada. I also acquired a pantry of exotic ingredients as I moved through cultures, and a few key kitchen tools. It’s been quite the journey, and certainly a very rewarding one. I certainly never imagined myself food blogging, but now I’m just so in love with it that it brings me real joy.

With this history in mind, below is a gallery of snippets along that journey leading up to the delicately flavoured Zaresht Pulao that I made for dinner tonight. Bon appetite.