Something about stories has a profound effect upon us. When they are successful at drawing us in they catch us, they have us on a leash because we are dying to know what happens next. This is one of the way that a narrative can overcome the hustle and bustle of the ADHD thoughts that run through a 21st century mind. They capture our imaginations, drawing us into another world where we concentrate our thoughts out of curiosity and interest. Some of the techniques that narratives use to do this are outlined for us in the titles of genres—comedy, suspense, horror, reality, drama, romance and the list goes on. All of these are genres for the very reason that they are techniques through which to capture the imagination and attention of the audience, they are ways of connecting with and triggering a desired emotion or thought process within the audience. They are all different forms of voice, different techniques, perspectives, styles, etc. So in a sense, the entire concept of genre is based on voice—genres are simply different styles of voice. This gives an idea of the power and importance of the concept of voice, which although we may not recognize it, is certainly present.