Happy Ayyam-i-Ha!

Happy Ayyam-i-Ha everyone!

Volunteers of America... Canada and Australia, God save the Queen!

Life can be rough. Especially when you just want to go home, and you know it’s soon, but its not now and feels like never. A sore throat and a cold doesn’t help, a sore throat must be every teachers nightmare. There is no running water too often, and the power is only on every other day. But something never ceases to brighten that bleak and miserable outlook. The illuminating smiles of children always seem to shine through the darkness and pull at your heartstrings. It makes it all worth it.

My flight has been changed once again. Now instead of a 7 hour layover in Paris I have a 9 day lay over in Tel Aviv! That means I get to go to Haifa for 3 day pilgrimage, and spend the rest of the time travelling around Israel! I’m pretty excited, it will be a nice finale to my time here.

And here is last quarters newsletter…

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Page 2. It looked better before, looks a little muddled now