These images give a rough outline of the journey that my soul takes each weekend. Beyond just the images of the physical places, I hope that these in some way portray some of the emotion and spirit that these places are infused with. One of the things you’ll notice is quite a number of photos of Jacaranda trees (the ones with purple flowers). These trees hold a special significance for me because when I was about 16 I bought a boat that was called ‘Jacaranda’ and had the hull colour of the flowers of the Jacaranda tree. It wasn’t until after I had bought the boat that I discovered it was named after the tree, and what the tree actually looked like (through google images). Over the next several years I would explain countless times to people the colour of theĀ boat–which at some point my crew decided was perriwinkle–and it’s connection to the tree (which as far as I know doesn’t exist in North America, or at least Canada). So, now that I am living here in Haifa where the streets are lined with these gorgeous trees, I have a particular affinity for them due to my history with their name and colour.

*Find a couple photos of ‘Jacaranda’ the boat at the end of this post

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