Life in London

10:41 Thursday night: the city of London is drunk. A young girl, her top barely clinging to her body, stumbles uncontrollably from the sidewalk teetering into the oncoming lane of traffic, her mind no longer her own. Possessed by the alcohol they consume, I pass by as these bodies leer and stumble from the scene. Thursday night, Wednesday night, all in reverse it seems, the intoxication, the desire, the lust never slows, never dies. Searching desperately, or perhaps not desperately enough, yearning to satisfy the soul.

My mind reels, spinning from control. The world around me melts from substance to liquid leaving me alone, spinning in confusion, my thoughts racing and colliding, consuming my vision. Why always the need to run? My mind tells me that somewhere else, another point in time, another geography, my life will be more alive. After running with this disease one realizes the impossibility to thrive. For stuck in vertigo unsure of reality, tumbled by desires so that the upward direction is veiled and the compass lost from its magnet. The truth, though it should sting like a hornet seems in the distance to grasp. Plummeting through this vertigo I spread my arms to level and take control of my free fall. Where shall I glide, where shall I land it all seems so fatal. I turn my face to what I know to be immortal and pull for my reserve which never fails to break my fall. The spinner of my mind slows like clothes in a dryer, clumped and wrinkled yet clean and still; no longer spinning. With relief and understanding I collapse into His arms, where I will always be home.

Here’s a few clips of Ian & Arlen Feat. Karim opening for Shad that I shot and edited together.

This past week, and this coming week are very exciting. We are approaching a deadline to finish the first episode of the 1nes project, which means things are starting to move quite quickly. I have a lot of shooting happening, and a lot of editing all at the same time which is a lot of fun, and I am learning a ton. I don’t really have that much experience editing, so this is a great learning experience that I am really enjoying.

Among the many things that I am working on right now (at least 4, maybe 5 videos at once) is this music video on the theme of nobility. Very exciting but there’s still so much to put together in the next week that it’s a little overwhelming and hard to envision.

I was lent a key to the rooftop of the school, and have been experimenting with some long exposure timelapses for the first time, which has been fun. This is a still from one that I took the other night. It’s pretty cool when it moves. If you check out my instagram photos on the right hand side bar, you’ll see a few shots of my camera set up on the roof.

This is a shot from the open house that we had the other night. A representative from the newspaper came and reportedly commented on the quality of my photos and said something along the lines of “Wow, this guy is really good at what he does”. That’s always good to hear from the professional realm.