Hey all, sorry for the blog delay. I haven’t had the motivation to write the past few days. And hey, if I tell you all everything I’ll be boring with no stories to tell when I get home! Would you mind if my blogs suddenly became entirely fictional?

So what have I been up to? Pretty much the regular drill of living and going to school. It takes an incredible amount of motivation, dedication and a large sum of patience to be a teacher.

Last weekend we had the One Planet, One Family carnival. It went really well, and I think everyone had a lot of fun. There were a total of around 1000 people who showed up, and there were all kinds of games from ping-pong to foosball to huge slides to cotton candy and ice cream. I was the DJ, and spent 7 hours sitting a behind a pounding 2000 watts of speakers after only 2.5 hours of sleep the night before. I was pretty light headed and dizzy by the end of the day, however that didn’t stop me from winning the staff burlap sack race! I did fall twice in the process and crawled to the finish line but that’s beside the point. Ha, afterwards first aid came to treat me, but real men don’t need first aid.

I had a meeting this morning with Zelalem and Toby to discuss me creating the yearbook; I have two months to have it finished, and another newsletter to do by the end of next week. Lots to do.

The end of the quarter is looming up, and this is the last week before the kids have exams, and then we have parent teacher interviews again. After that one more quarter till I’ll be on a flight home. Oh so did anyone hear about the Ethiopian Airlines plane that burst into flames and crashed into the sea minutes after take off from Beirut? No survivors have been found.

Oh one of the teachers had a relatively severe asthma attack today, she looked like she could have been having a heart attack. Zelalem gave her chest compressions, which somehow revived her, which I don’t quite understand why, but it worked. I guess puffers aren’t so common here, and she was nearly unconscious by the time we got to her so a bag wouldn’t have been much of help.

My mind has been wandering lately, battling with this whole career future thing. Is my time here helping me find a path? Not at all. If anything I am becoming more and more lost by the day. I’m not so sure that I want to be a teacher anymore, and I’m back to dreaming of the ocean. Sometimes, I think it is possible to combine interests, but its not so easy when the interests you are considering are as different as studying history and literature, to international development, to alternative education, to marine engineering to nautical science.

The ideal job for me involves not doing the same thing for too long, always working on different and challenging projects, being on or around the ocean working with boats, contributing to the betterment of mankind, involving an adrenaline rush from time to time with minimal desk work, a chance to be independent and innovative, creative and artistic, and the opportunity to travel. It’d be great if Clive Cussler could just write me into one of his novels, problem solved!

Yeah so if anyone has an opening for my dream job let me know and I’ll send you a resume.

Lindsay sent me the most amazing package full of gold. Vegan energy bars, a COFFEE FILTER!!! BEEF JERKY!!! Organic hand sanitizer! I’m still not sure how hand sanitizer can be ‘organic’. Echinacea pills; a lifesaver, Eco chap stick, sunscreen, the book Ishmael, and 13 DVD’s of movies and TV shows! Mom, Dad, how did you manage to raise me to feel guilty about watching TV? That’s quite the accomplishment.

Among those DVD’s are the latest episodes of The Guard, which really isn’t helping quench my desire for a rush with a chance to save lives, be on the ocean, and operate ridiculously expensive boats. Maybe I should just be a rescue swimmer. You have no idea how much I want to go swimming! I can’t fathom the fact that I have not even been to the edge of an even remotely large body of water for the past 4 months, not even a big lake! I can’t quite comprehend. I regularly daydream about the sensational feel of a cool salty breeze blowing across my face while the deck surges through the waves beneath my feat. Snowboarding would be pretty spectacular as well.

Stan Roger’s ‘Bluenose’ is my recluse. Its funny the people here really like country music, especially the kids. It’s weird. I had one kid at the Carnival going “Mr. Galen Mr. Galen can you place country music.” My response was “NO! Go away.” (not really). Achy Breaky Heart was definitely a big hit. Its started me listening to all of Dad’s CD’s that I ripped before I left. I’ve been listening to the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and feeling like a hillbilly.

So I’ve been working on SFU scholarship applications as well as contemplating an application to the Canadian Coast Guard College, which is due at the end of the week.

Other than that… Reading my book, and guiltily watching season six of the office, lost, and the guard. I’m usually pretty beat by the end of the day, and need to unwind. Been cooking some pretty decent meals. Did I mention I went the Sheraton the other day and had the worlds most scrumdidalyumptious sandwich? Get this, it had medium rare thickly sliced ROAST BEEF!!! And that’s not even the best part; it had a HALF INCH OF CHEESE!!! All in a baguette, my mouth waters just thinking about it. So, cheese in this country is the salt of the Ottoman Empire, it’s pure gold, unaffordable, expensive and ever so rare. Doritos are also on par with cheese, so is chocolate. After that May and I had Banana splits; out of this world. It was also the most expensive meal I’ve had here, but that means it was the price of two brownie sundees at Dairy Queen. Oh man, Mom, Dad, we’re stopping at Dairy Queen on the way home from the airport in three months.

Going to the Sheraton is a really uncanny weird experience. At first I feel really uncomfortable, the first time I went it was because I just walked through a slum shantytown on the way there. (I go to cash traveler’s checks). It is a really uncomfortable feeling though, because it is so outrageously posh and first world, that it is really hard to grasp after stepping out of one of the poorest countries in the world where outside I can buy a bottle of water for 6 birr and there they want 36. All that is forgotten though of course once you bite into some heavenly German pastry or roast beef and cheese! I think they probably imported the whole sandwich.

Alright well, there’s my scattered thoughts for an update. Hey are the Olympics starting soon? Go Canada! Most people here don’t even know what hockey is, so I doubt there will be many viewers from this part of the world.