London Streets by Night

January 16, 2013. While walking to the school around 10:00 pm, I felt inspired to shoot the streets of London. I went to the school, and spent some time putting a rig together, and then headed out to the streets where I spent the next couple hours just wandering around shooting. I posted this picture on instagram.


When I got back later that night, I started editing the pieces I shot and began looking for some music to put to it. Arlen Yanch goes by the name of “Streets by Night” for his music, and the instrumental stuff that he does is beautiful so I was inspired to ask him. While listening to some of his stuff online I came across an instrumental remix that he had done for the Drake song “I’m on One.” This is it:

I plugged it in and loved it. The only problem was, the explicit lyrics were not what I wanted. So I asked Karim to write to it. Arlen sent the instrumental, and over the course of several months the track came on and off the back burner. Karim enlisted Julia Frith, a very talented student at Nancy Campbell to sing on the track, and two local rappers: Colton Beausoleil, who he had met during his time working at Fusion Youth Center, and Zach Albert, a 14 year old first nations youth who participated in the march break Rap Camp.

On sporadic evenings over the course of several weeks, they wrote and recorded the vocals. That was finished some months ago, and just this past week Karim finally had some time to mix it. Arlen composed drums for the track that weren’t originally there, and after some back and forth, playing it to the video, a final bounce of the track was made at 5:00 am before Karim headed off to Maine. Earlier that night, I went out onto the streets again with the assistance of Faran Moradipour, a film student at Sheridan College in Oakville. We spent several hours shooting, and then came back and began editing. Faran was a huge help being a second pair of eyes, and providing some awesome tips for cuts and transitions.

Now, after being in the womb for 5 months, and with the collaboration of a very talented group of individuals, here it is. It’s a piece that mesmerizes me every time. Please enjoy.