Macro Journey

Although in some instances photography is the action of taking pictures, photography as an art is the process of creating images. A lot of time, thought, and meditation often goes into that process, and it becomes a reflection of the inner condition of the artist. Since arriving here in Haifa, I’ve found it hard to capture things through photography, and hard to be inspired in that sense. The Baha’i holy places, so well known for their photography, are especially hard for me because there are so many images of these places. It’s hard to be inspired about photographing something that countless others of done such an excellent job of photographing already. I needed a challenge, to look at things from a different perspective. So, last weekend I gave myself that challenge; on a trip to Bahji, I took with me only one lens–my 100mm f2.8 macro lens. It was the creative challenge that I needed to lose myself in the photography and seeing things from a different perspective. A lot can be said for this set symbolically, but I’ll let you draw your own conclusions from it. Here is the story of a spiritual journey through macro images (with a few wider perspective shots, all shot with the macro lens).


Macro Macro-2 Macro-3 Macro-4 Macro-5 Macro-6 Macro-7 Macro-9 Macro-8 Macro-11 Macro-12 Macro-17 Macro-15 Macro-16 Macro-19 Macro-18 Macro-30 Macro-31 Macro-23 Macro-24 Macro-22 Macro-27 Macro-21 Macro-25 Macro-28 Macro-10 Macro-13 Macro-29