Montréal en Mars

Montréal en Mars! This week I spent another several wonderful days in Montréal visiting, relaxing, and taking pictures. Thank you to Adora having us and being so welcoming! And of course to Nasim and Mona for opening your home, many thanks. One of the highlights was definitely shooting at Holi–the Indian festival of colours. I managed to get in as the official photographer which was a lot of fun, and I left with a lot of fantastic shots. I’ll be posting all of those on facebook, and some of those in another post after this one. Here’s a teaser before and after though:

This was a beautiful view of Montréal which was a short walk from Adora’s house.

This was 15 minutes later, after we watched mesmerized as the fog of falling snow rolled quickly across the vista, obscuring our view.

I did quite a bit of walking by myself one of the days I was there this time, which was great because I kept stopping to snap some shots. I’m still learning all the bells and whistles of the new 5D, definitely much more comfortable than I was with it last time I was in Montreal. They say the most effective camera is the one you’re the most familiar with. I love Montréal, the geography, culture, architecture, history.

We went for a walk up the mountain late one night, and ended up doing some light painting (while freezing to death). More of the shots are on facebook.

I’d like to spend some more time capturing the metro next time I’m in Montréal because I find it so fascinating. Especially in terms of video, and the visual scenes at the platform as the trains come in. Such an interesting world.

This is the Shrine of Abdu’l-Bahá in Montréal (the house where he stayed during His visit). Click HERE for more info about the Shrine and Abdu’l-Baha.

This was the last night that we were all there, visiting the Shrine. I ended up staying after they all left, and shot at Holi–the Indian festival of colours the following evening which was a lot of fun. Those photos will come in the following days, and will be all posted on the Integrate Images facebook page.