I wonder how many Minarets and how many Church bells there are in Jerusalem. I sat by this one for awhile to record the audio, hopefully it turns out.

Good morning morning everyone (it’s morning for me).

The sun rises oh so early here, around 4:30 or 5:00 am I think. The Mosques are quite early risers as well, and like to sing throughout the wee hours – 3:00-4:00 am ish. I got up at 5:20 since it was fully light out, and I wanted to have a shower before everyone got up. Consequently I was tiptoeing around trying not to wake anyone as I was the first up, when the churches started banging away at their bells to let everyone know it was 5:30, it covered up my noise pretty well.

This is where I slept! It was quite enjoyable, although I think I woke up a few more times. I kept checking on the view to make sure something spectacular wasn’t happening that I should capture. In the end it was all spectacular and my camera was several floors down in a locker so I didn’t capture anything, except this with my phone.

It’s amazing how good a shower can make you feel! What bliss. I’m sitting in the lobby now writing this and watching Bruce Willis in Tears of the Sun with Arabic subtitles. I think I’m going to try and find my way back to the bus station pretty soon and try to make it to Masada. Here’s a few more pictures.

Another shot with my phone. This is what the whole hostel looks like, it’s a bit cave like. Steep stairs wind up and down it, and it is quite randomly constructed, lost of narrow passageways. 


From the Muslim quarter.

A China shop in the Christian quarter.

The spices are quite something, and the abundance of them is pretty awesome.

Check them all out!

Another take of this shot I took. I’m not sure if this one is more effective? I guess you have to know this is in the Muslim quarter, and look for the hijabs. I found it such and interesting… combination.

Are these the bagels you were raving about Lindsay?

I’ve been experimenting with panning as its such a cool technique if pulled off well. This one almost worked, now I just need a more interesting subject. These guys started yelling at me in Hebrew when I took this shot, they had big smiles on their faces though. It’s so hard to guess what people are saying in Hebrew, they always sound like their arguing because conversations are so intense, but I have no idea.

Alright, time to pack up and head on another adventure. There goes the church bells to mark 7:30, how timely. Wish me luck!