Motorcycle, Forest, Ocean

These images are from a solo motorcycle adventure that I took a few days ago. It turned out to be quite the adventure. Among the highlights of excitement would be riding my bike into the ditch after unsuccessfully coming through a sharp turn–too fast into the turn and too slow out of it. Then, I thought I had arrived at the head of the hidden trail to Mystic Beach (a beach I spent 7 days camping on in grade 7 with my class) however I grossly miscalculated, and so the trail I thought  I was on was not at all where I was, and I ended up getting lost in the forest, repelling down a thickly vegetated cliff clinging to vines, and then trekking along the shore unable to climb back up the cliff, through the water once the shore ran out, and then again through the forest and long the road in an attempt to get back to my bike. Like I said, quite the adventure. You’ll see some photos here of my bike in the distance and then getting bigger. I was pretty ecstatic to come around that corner and find it. There’s also some photos of me stopping to use a pay-phone (thank God they still exist) to notify my parents where I was, so they didn’t start searching when I was dramatically later then my predicted time of return. And, of course, I had to stop at A&W for dinner in Lake Cowichan.

Despite all this, it was one of the most incredible rides I’ve been on, absolutely gorgeous scenery and phenomenal roads for riding, lots of fun.


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