Parting Images

Searching through some of the photos in my lightroom catalogue I came across these; photos that I shot in the last few days before I left Ontario en-route for Haifa. As you can see from this first image, this was the time that I was packing up my life in preparation to move to the other side of the globe. Bittersweet! The best things generally come from stepping outside of your comfort zone.



This is Gabe, one of my Media Arts students. A very talented individual, and a real inspiration to me. I’m excited to see how you learn to use your capacity to contribute and help advance understanding, Gabe.



These are a few street photos I shot in Stratford.

untitled-44 untitled-86


To truly appreciate this photo please view it full screen here: I was really pleased with how this turned out.



This is one of the original images that the above was created from (a stitch of about five or six portrait shots).

untitled-67 3O1A9582


Faran in his look and the way he dresses in a natural character to be photographed. While we were out doing various things in Toronto, I shot all of these at various moments.

3O1A9623 3O1A9613 3O1A9657 3O1A9649


These are images that I shot in the airport on my way to Seattle–I can’t remember which airport–of this iPad restaurant. A sad sight, and possibly a reflection of the impact of technology on how we now socialize. It seems all wrong to me, and it’s fascinating to think about the implications on our future and our current reality. Will this become commonplace? How will it change our fundamental social fabric and the way we connect?

3O1A9742 3O1A9748 3O1A9752