Photo Day

I spent pretty much all day Friday taking photos of 300 students. It was a long day. I got to use Gail’s Cannon Digital SLR though which was fun to play with. I suggested that we put portraits of each student in the yearbook this year, so of course I have to take all the pictures to do that! So now I have hundreds of pictures to edit, crop, and make black and white.

An eagle flew over while I was taking pictures and I got a pretty cool shot, you will see it there. There are a few pictures from the carnival that you should be able to recognize.

I have been going to this ‘supermarket’ that has tons of imported food, it’s where all the feu-rienji’s go. Anyway, I scored some pita bread, strawberries, cream cheese, and apple jam. It was delicious!

It’s interesting to think while I am sure the days are pretty short in Canada right now, they are getting longer and longer here, and it is getting hotter too.

Alright well, enjoy the pictures!

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