A Rainy Afternoon in Amsterdamm

After missing my connecting flight in Amsterdam, and after being put up in a hotel by the airline, I caught a shuttle, bus, and train to get downtown and explore the city. It was a drizzly, wet and cool afternoon, a perfect relief after the summer heat and humidity of Israel. I wandered the streets and took a tour on a canal boat, soaking up the scenes and culture (and the rain in my hair and cloths). Below is the photo story of those hours of wandering and observing, one of my favourite pastimes. As I watched the city float by from the canal boat, I was struck by the stories of those sitting on the edges of the canal in deep conversation while they watched the boats pass by, particularly the many young couples. There was an abundance to see, and no shortage of people. It is and alive and bustling city, bustling¬†with bicycles. I’ve never seen so many in my life, and it made me a little nervous walking the streets as they were constantly coming from every direction and you never knew when you might get run over. The variety of people on bikes was vast, and sometimes the amount of people on a single bike. You’ll see in the photos, everywhere, bikes, bikes, bikes. It was a beautiful afternoon, a street photographers dream. I could have spent weeks exploring and capturing the city, there was just so much vibrance of life.

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