Addis Ababa

There is a very warm place in my heart for Addis Ababa. I was very excited to revisit the city where I had first lived away from home, 8 years ago.


My hope was to revisit my memories of the city and it’s peoples, basking in its vibrance and letting my mind unwind and take some time out.

I was confronted with a gap of 8 years apart, a gap in which I have grown and learned and evolved, and a gap in which one of the largest cities in the region has breathed and transformed like the face of a rubix cube. This new landscape juxtaposed against my memory left my mental map seemingly fragmented and confused, a jumble of pieces that had lost their context and relation to one another.

It was startling to be brought face to face so vividly with how much I have changed over these years, and to be remembered as the 18 year old that once tread those streets while no longer him. It is a strange thing to be remembered as someone whom you thought you had left behind, it really forces you to reflect on your character.

This confrontation provided me with the time to reflect on the many ways in which I have grown, and the ways in which I am still that same 18 year old lost in a foreign city. It was a profound experience of facing down my past, while trying to unwind in the present, with my thoughts lingering on the future.

It was a much needed gap, a moment to stop and let time pass me by before continuing on the race that seems to be life.

This series of images is a depiction of the landscapes that passed me by as I wandered through scenes of my (earlier) youth.



Surprisingly coffee wasn’t even really on my mind when I first visited Ethiopia. I drank it from time to time, and I learned enough Amharic to ask for coffee without sugar, but my fascination with the drink hadn’t yet begun. My relationship with Ethiopian coffee has been growing over the past 3 years, and a sense inside of me tells me that this is only the beginning. Until next time, Addis.

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