Journey into a Sikh Temple

This is a photo essay that I am very excited to share. Each project that I work on I feel is better than the last, and this project really speaks to that progress. Most important is the story that I am excited to share through these visuals, one that really resonates with my soul. The process has been a very profound experience, and the human connection that has been made is truly moving.

A bit of back story to this project is that awhile back I agreed to collaborate with VEPOCH to produce an episode of the web series “This is My Prayer”. Each episode of the series will focus on how a different religion prays, and what prayer means to them. We were at the apartment of several Indian youth one evening shooting for another documentary, and amongst many overwhelming acts of hospitality they invited us to come to the temple with them the next morning. I immediately remembered this project I had on the back burner and jumped at the opportunity. The next morning we met at their apartment where they tied turbans for Vafa and myself, and then took us to the Sikh temple where we spent all day shooting for this episode of “This is My Prayer” about how Sikh’s pray. It was a remarkable experience that I won’t forget, and we felt so welcomed into the their community. I’m excited to share more of the story about their religion in the episode when I finally get time to take it into post production.

Sober, the youth who tied our turbans for us, explained that just like a policeman is an police officer only when he wears his cap, a Sikh is a Sikh when he wears his turban and it represents all things that Sikhs believe in. When you wear the turban, you feel like a king. I can now say from experience, it’s true. It is a truly special honour, and you hold yourself in a different way when wearing it.

These photos show the story of that wonderful day. Vafa Anderson was with me the whole time, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with him. We make a tight team together. A few of these photos were actually shot by him, and then edited by myself.

I am so grateful for this experience. The only way I can express it is by saying praise be God for the confirmations raining down upon me. It is truly a blessing to do full time what you love to do, and be continually tested and confirmed in that process. From Paulo Coello’s “Alchemist” — when you take a step in pursuit of your personal legend, the whole universe conspires to assist you. I couldn’t believe this more. I hope I can inspire more people to take that leap, to transcend their reality in pursuit of their personal legend, because it is a reward like none other.

SikhTemple-3 SikhTemple-2 SikhTemple-1 SikhTemple-4 SikhTemple-5 SikhTemple-6
SikhTemple-8SikhTemple-9 SikhTemple-7 SikhTemple-21 SikhTemple-20 SikhTemple-18 SikhTemple-17 SikhTemple-15 SikhTemple-10SikhTemple-14 SikhTemple-13 SikhTemple-30 SikhTemple-29 SikhTemple-28 SikhTemple-36 SikhTemple-37 SikhTemple-38 SikhTemple-39 SikhTemple-22 SikhTemple-23 SikhTemple-35 SikhTemple-34 SikhTemple-33 SikhTemple-32 SikhTemple-24SikhTemplelate2-1 SikhTemple-12 SikhTemple-11 SikhTemple-48 SikhTemple-47 SikhTemple-46 SikhTemple-45 SikhTemple-44 SikhTemple-43 SikhTemple-42 SikhTemple-41 SikhTemple-40 SikhTemple-49 SikhTemple-50 SikhTemple-51 SikhTemple-52 SikhTemple-53 SikhTemple-54SikhTemple-55 SikhTemple-56 SikhTemple-57 SikhTemplelate-1