Summer Freedom

I’ve come to understand some interesting cycles of learning over the past several months. For myself at least, I work hard at learning something until I finally reach a state where I feel competent with that skill; I feel like I’ve mastered it. The next step is to add another skill to take my work to the next level of complexity, and I go from a state of confidence in my work back into a state of feeling inadequate and inexperienced, unsure of my work, confused, lost. It’s beautiful, really. At that point I look back at the work I’ve done and I am amazed to see the progress. Feelings of inadequacy may temporarily paralyze, but ultimately they inspire hard work to learn and master. Once a state of comfort is again reached, it’s time to plunge back into the unknowing state and so the cycle of learning continues. This project was the beginning of one of those stages of inexperience as I begin to delve blindly into a new world of editing, and working with a model. This project has been a beautiful process, and so much learning has taken place at all stages. I’m excited to continue along the journey.

For this project I really wanted to tell a simple story of a young girl fresh out of classes, moving through space, enjoying the first glimmers of summer freedom. It was one of the first warm days that we shot this. I’ll leave the rest for you to explore.

Enjoy a journey with the beautiful Yasmin Hariri. Thanks to Lua Eghanian for your assistance with this shoot, especially your mad reflector & diffuser skills.

note — these are low resolution versions of the images in order to load faster on your browser.

Yasmin Photoshoot_3465-Edit

Yasmin Photoshoot_3527

Yasmin Photoshoot_3539-Edit

Yasmin Photoshoot_3885-Edit-2

Yasmin Photoshoot_3624-Edit

Yasmin Photoshoot_3680-Edit

Yasmin Photoshoot_3763-Edit

Yasmin Photoshoot_3783-Edit

Yasmin Photoshoot_3793-Edit

Yasmin Photoshoot_3842-Edit

Yasmin Photoshoot_3855-Edit

Yasmin Photoshoot_3976-Edit

Yasmin Photoshoot_3961-Edit

Yasmin Photoshoot_3901-Edit

Yasmin Photoshoot_3911-Edit

Yasmin Photoshoot_3953-Edit

Yasmin Photoshoot_4028-Edit

Yasmin Photoshoot_4097-Edit