TBH – A Facebook Video


Well, I was puttering around today and Karim said “Hey, are you doing anything right now? Do you want to help me make a video?” “Please!” was my response. So he told me about his song, and said that he was going to record himself on the imac performing it, but if I was down we could so something more interesting, only thing was it had to be done today. So… we brought out the green screen and shot him performing it, and then were going to put text in the background, and maybe some shots of facebook. While I was editing it and on facebook at the same time, I had a number of ideas, and Karim had some, and together through a collaborative effort it came out with something quite original and a lot of fun. The fact that everything you see in the video actually played out on facebook at the same time adds to the intrigue I think. The conversation on Karim’s status that you see about TBH (To Be Honest) is what had inspired him to write the song the night before. The whole thing came together in the span of a few hours. I had a lot of fun editing this one.

This is what Karim says about the piece: “I recently discovered what a ‘TBH’ was on facebook and it really got me thinking about the way we use our online personas and how truthful anything we do on the interwebs really can be? This verse speaks to that exact situation. I would love to know your thoughts about it in the comments. Respect to all. This is a lyrical remix to “Complicated” by 50 Cent.”