Tel Aviv, the city that never sleeps.

My plane arrived around 1:00 am. By the time I got through customs, caught a train into Tel Aviv and then a taxi to my hostel, it was around 3:00 am. I breathed deeply, soaking in the warm Mediterranean air. Knowing that I would be unable to sleep right away, I wandered towards the beach after checking in. I stopped into a few 24 hour shops in search of hummus, but ended up getting my first swarma of the trip. Hungrily biting down I wandered across the road and sat watching the tractors rake the carefully manicured beaches. Tel Aviv really does never sleep, even though things are a little quieter at that hour, the city is still alive. I crawled into my upper bunk bed around 3:50, fumbling to orient myself in the dark and trying to disturb the other 3 half naked people in the room. It was warm, and I slept on top of my covers.

For some reason I really didn’t want to stay another day in Tel Aviv. I’m not sure exactly why, I found that this was one of the better hostels last time, but I just really have no desire this time around to spend any more time here. I guess it’s the party vibe that just isn’t getting me right now. Anyway, I only booked my room for the one night meaning I have to check out by 10:30 am. Stressed that I would be left in the morning rushing to get myself together and leave, I wasn’t able to fully enjoy my rest. After waking up I wandered out of my room in my boxers to go to the bathroom, then over to a couple tiredly spooning on the stairs to ask what time it was. 5:45, they laughed a little as I walked away. I had a shower, and am now here writing this.

I think last time I was here I told myself I wasn’t going to travel alone again, I’m not sure what why I’m here doing it again. Starting to wish I had just come for my pilgrimage, the real reason I’m here and not so much earlier. I guess this way I’ll be looking forward to it much more. I don’t really have any plans, beyond get out of Tel Aviv today and find somewhere I can rest. I think I’ll head for Jerusalem, although I’m not sure why as I remember not enjoying the hostels there anywhere near as much, I think it’s the atmosphere of the old city I’m craving. Come to think of it, odd as it may sound I think it’s the secular vibe of Tel Aviv that is really just making me feel uncomfortable, I think I’m longing for a more spiritual or historic atmosphere. Maybe I’ll find the motivation, no, inspiration to pull out my camera gear and make use of it all. I hope I make it to tonight, I’ve slept very little in the last 48 hours, amazing what the human body is capable of. I felt so good after that shower I thought I was going to be fine, I’m now realizing how exhausted I am. I guess I’d better finish this off then find my way to Jerusalem so I can crash early, wish me luck.