Thanksgiving Adventure

I’m quite thankful for thanksgiving, I had an incredibly rewarding weekend. Most of all, I’m thankful for friendship, and all the amazing people I had the honour or spending this weekend with. Starting on Friday evening, the weekend went something like this: Stratford, London, Toronto, Kingston, Ottawa, Chelsea, Wakefield, Ottawa, Chelsea, Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto, Stratford. In each of these places I got to spend time with friends, and explore. By the end of the weekend I just felt so happy and satisfied.

I didn’t take many photos the first day of the journey on the ride up with Matt, Skye, Joe, and Anisa (which by the way is up there among my favourite 6 hour drives). I did take the below shot of Matt in his element though to demonstrate his raw manliness. Most of the photos come from and afternoon an evening of wandering, laughing, and photographing in Kingston on the way back when Eric and I stopped to visit Anisa and Sheida.

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