The beauty is astounding

The beauty is astounding. It lies in the absence of time. Sustenance and survival derived from the land, fruits and veggies seasonal and not even one bit frugal. The dodgery of cellular transmissions becomes constant escape to a safe recluse. Time loses its precidence, muscles relax, lungs take in the clean island air, and freedom becomes life. Narrow windy roads, gravel, and chip seal patched with ashpalt. Beaches, bluffs, bays, lakes, islands, all equal rivals in natures beauty contest. Along with time passes away the distance, and the eyeball re-measures life. The distant swim to the black striped island, and atop it the shimmering pristine island lakeview. The hike through the woods engaged in the idle chit chat of lifes big questions. Basking in the sun atop the bluff, staring out into the scarcely populated scenery.

I am but a tiny seed in this infinite world, what is that all loving and creative force? What is that greater calling that we have personified to become God? With passion and wonder we speak freely as our eyes roam across the picturesque ocean, island, and mountain view. Look at the sunlight shimmering on the water, look at the jagged mountain tops framing in the backdrop of life. I see the sail of a small boat weaving through the harbour below, sheeting, hiking, flattening, gliding. An island so small that holds so much, and yet so little. Nature in its naked beauty.

Cortes Island shrinks, smaller and smaller, the blue calmed water wanders aimlessly down its road to where it meets the white froth. Above its source I sit staring out at the naked beauty of life. The freshening breeze rifles through my hair and across my page. I stare with love and awe across the endless ocean that lies before my eyes, ripped gently by the breeze. The sun beats down on me as the captain adjusts his course and the breeze no longer cools my skin, light streaks of clouds gently patch the sky, and the layers of foggy heat enshroud the naked horizon. Soon, I am to leave all this. Life will be turned upside down, crammed in a box, shaken, and tossed to dry in a different world. Everything I have ever learned or known will be put to the test, challenged, and contradicted. An entirely different beauty will be unveiled and form my world. I wonder how it will compare, I wonder what it will feel like living in what is quite possibly the cradle of humanity. Four million people packed in one city, a city lacking proper water and electricity. How will I remember Cortes then?