The footsteps of Eric Blair?

The frustrating life of a Waldorf student, while it would seem a blessing often feels a curse. Being educated in such a way that unleashes the imagination, creates a thirst for knowledge and consuming interest and skill in a large variety of subjects (this is of course a gross generalization on my part). I have heard before, and it certainly rings true for me that Waldorf students often struggle with choosing a path in which to specialize, as society demands of us in this age. For me, I am fascinated in so many subjects, and would love to specialize in them all.

My other problem is that I am impatient, I want to act and engage in the world learning as I go, I don’t want to wait and learn about the world, forget half of what I learn and the other half be outdated by the time I go to engage. This linear sense of learning and learning, then working and working, also frustrates and makes me feel hopelessly trapped.

This has led me to reading Eric Blair’s (George Orwell) “Down and out in Paris and London”. Orwell’s style captivates me, not only in this book but also in other essays of his such as “Shooting an Elephant” and “Marrakech”. It creates a desire in me to write in a similar style in the honest observation of society. It invokes a desire to travel to gain experience, to flirt with poverty, and to let the imagination run wild – all very romantic images. It is unfortunate the the experiences are never as romantic as the subsequent memories.

Where is my path in the world, how will I contribute to the upliftment of humanity? Which small piece of the puzzle will I help to fit?

I have been eyeing up the Western Academy of Photography in Victoria, which has a 10 month program in journalism and photojournalism (written image). It holds real appeal for me being a condensed diploma of only 10 months, and giving a set of skills from which to jump off of and begin applying and learning from in the real world. Does anyone know anything about this academy?