These Walls

Even these walls won’t stop me
Ain’t nothin gonna get in my way
Even if the end gets hard to see
I’ll still be here reflecting my ray.

Last week I posted pictures from the demolition of the walls in the space that will become a café and set for the 1nes project. I mentioned that I took a timelapse of that process. It turned out to be pretty cool, and so I wanted to make something out of it. So, off and on over the past week Karim and I have been working on putting together a song and video with that footage, with the help of a number of other individuals.

It’s been a great experience for me, especially working with Karim to write the songs and come up with lyrics. Film is all about working with a team of people, so working with someone to create music for footage that you have shot, and together come up with a vision and then see it come to life is such a rewarding process. It has also been forcing me to develop my editing skills, which are still quite basic. I’ve been focusing mostly on cinematography up until now, so this is a great opportunity to push myself.

It feels like my camera is rolling everyday. I have so many photos and so much footage, multiple projects on the go. I love it! Stay tuned, I’ve got a number of blog posts coming soon. Hopefully I’ll have this video finished and online by tomorrow.

Here are some photos that I’ve taken during the process of working on this video (minus the demolition photos already featured on the post 1nes progress).