A cat on the roof of the hostel here in Jerusalem.

My favourite moment of yesterday was definitely going into the bathroom at the Tel Aviv bus station. I bet you’re dying to know why. It was one of the washrooms that you have to put a shekel into the machine in order to get through the revolving steel barred door. There was a soldier—a young girl, maybe 17—in the process of going through. When she saw me she beckoned and began speaking in Hebrew, evidently she wanted me to go through with her to so that I wouldn’t have to pay. Smiling I pushed my way in with my two packs and carrying bag, she also had a large pack on. As soon as we started rotating the door to get through, however, it locked up and wouldn’t let us through. I put a shekel in and we tried again, this time with me going first. We almost made it when it locked up again, this time we were both stuck, squished in the little spaced designed for one person with no way out. There was just enough room that I was able to push my bags through one by one, and then squeeze myself through (on the washroom side). Her pack had somehow gotten stuck behind the doors, half on her. It took a bit of effort to man handle it over the top, but in the end we made it through. Afterwards she helped me find the bus to Jerusalem, for which I was very grateful as the signs were all in Hebrew.

Another cat in the Old City.