Trip to Morley

I had this opportunity to visit the Morley reserve just outside of Calgary this summer. It was a truly wonderful experience. The purpose of the visit was to visit with our friend Daryl–whom we (Karim and myself) had met at one of the 119 Baha’i youth conferences that happened around the world this summer–and to shoot another episode of the Vepoch series “This is My Prayer”.

Leva, Sama, and Naim are three wonderful youth who have been working with a number of the junior youth in Morley, and they graciously took the time to take Karim, myself and Julie to visit with Daryl and shoot this episode (and Leila generously lent us her van to make it all possible!).

Morely is quite stunning. It’s located just before Canmore, and the country is remarkable. Daryl took us to a beautiful area near a large ravine at the bottom of which ran the river, with an incredible vista of the mountains in the background. The setting was perfect, peaceful, and endowed with the beauty of God’s creation. We set up sound and cameras, and had the honour of partaking in Daryl’s prayer. It was so beautiful that while operating the camera I fell into a very tranquil meditative state, and when Daryl had finished his prayer I didn’t want it to be over.

Later we went back to the lodge there where we interviewed Daryl and he spoke with great eloquence about his prayer and culture. I really hope that I will be able to share this special experience. It looks like I may not be able to share some of the prayer though due to it’s sacredness, so I’ll have to see if I can still produce the episode or not.

Here are some photos from that day.

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I brought the camera out to play while we stopped to get gas, and these girls just happened to be natural models.

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It turned out there were some Indian costumes in the van and so there was some dress up that went on while we were shooting.

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This is the location that we shot the prayer at. It was a very special spot.


This is where we shot the interview, a stunning backdrop.


This was our A-team!

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On the way back we were all starving, and so we stopped at Denny’s…

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