Under the Surface

When you look at a photograph, what do you see? Some photographs are just photographs, but in others there is so much beyond the surface. The beauty of art is that everyone will see something different and be able to take something unique away, some sort of understanding. Something that I am beginning to explore is the idea of photographic metaphors, using the visual world to explain more abstract, higher nature, or spiritual ideas. Some photos have abstract messages, and others are quite bold and clear. Here are a few of the photos that I have been taking over the past several weeks, some contain within them a deeper meaning, and some are just… well, photographs.

I love this shot, this is taken downtown Victoria with my GoPro strapped to my chest. As Gary tells me: “Four wheels move bodies, two wheels move the soul.”

The advent of computers has dramatically changed the photographic landscape. Now digital photography is becoming more about the capturing of raw data, while the real art takes place in the digital darkroom. It’s quite remarkable to think about the impact that photoshop has had on our mindsets, our culture. I played with colour in this one to bring forward a message. I won’t tell you what I see, you have to look and discover on your own. Please leave comments about what you see in any of these images!

Ben approaches the summit! Photoshop is such a remarkable tool, depending on how we choose to use it. I really like the texture of this image, and the feeling that it adds. I think it really changes the story, or rather, creates one.

What does this say to you? It could be so many things. I’ll say that I see it as such a great metaphor for our society, but no more. What do you think?

I took this shot on my way home last night. This is a barn for cows, dairy cows I believe. I find the scale of man made endeavours fascinating, and the way they stand out against the natural landscape; civilization. Like the scale of the exportation of our logs in my previous post, where is the balance between nature and civilization, how do we draw that line? On the surface I find this quite beautiful, but all I know is what greets my eye.