Urban Explorations: Haifa Cityscapes

The city of Haifa is one that I have lived in for the past 10 months, however have done surprisingly little exploration of beyond the regular routes and areas that I frequent for business or pleasure.

This is something that I am changing new project of urban exploration and so far it has been incredibly empowering. I delving deep into the city, searching to find and capture it’s essence with my camera. This involves bus rides, scouting and walking into many areas that I have never set foot, often at very early hours of the morning.

I have decided to try using both tumblr and Instagram as my platforms for this project, because I really like the social element that they involve and the ability to engage with people. So please follow along, I am really excited with the images that are coming out as a part of this project so far, and am really excited about the opportunity to share the beauty of this city as I explore it.

Please join me on Tumblr (galenhumber) and Instagram (@galenhumber) to share in this journey.


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