Voice of Filmmaking

Gathering material to create voice with.

While I have always been able to make my voice come through in my writing, I have yet to make the same break through in the medium of film. My interest in the technical aspects of the art have always been ahead of my story telling capacities, and hence my voice. I’ve just finished working on the below film, and it has been an incredibly rewarding experience. To me voice in film is the style, and the way in which the filmmaker takes you on a journey, telling you a story. I struggled in the making of this film with making a strong voice come through come through that would guide the viewer through it, and I must say I am not entirely satisfied with the result, but I did learn a huge amount.

Creating voice, can you see it forming? This is where filmmakers voices emerge.

One of the things that I was really excited and interested to find was the reaction from my friends through social media when I released the film. I quickly had a great deal of interest and praise, which I had been a little apprehensive about. I think a big part of it was many of the people seeing it also had connections with a large number of the people in the film. Voice is all about connection between the artist or author and the audience. If the audience connects on a certain level because of the familiarity with the subjects, then that is part of the voice of the piece.

Is the voice taking you on a journey?

I assert again here that voice is the message, so if the voice is not clear and powerful—the effect of the content is diminished. I am not sure how powerful the voice of my film is, but my assessment would be mediocre, it could be much more powerful (I am very satisfied with the results, however, all factors considered).


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