Walking on Water?

Cool Tiberius dock. 1/200 sec, f/14, iso 100, 28 mm

Tiberius. I arrived here late last night, around 11:30. I had spent the day waiting until sundown and for the bus’ to begin running again (the end of Shabbat). While waiting for the tram just outside the old city—I waited for about an hour before it finally came—a Russian guy noticed the Canadian flag on my pack and became very eager to speak with me. His parents were living in Vancouver it turns out, and he wanted to go there to study engineering. His English was a little strained, but he was putting a great deal of effort into it and was very friendly. He asked for my facebook so he would know someone when he comes to Vancouver.

Tiberius nightlife. – iPhone

After checking into the hostel in Tiberius—I was the only one in a room with 4 beds and a private bathroom—I went out in search of food and headed towards the water (the Sea of Galilee). It was about midnight by then. I’ve often been eating only two meals a day of late, either out of lack of places to eat or in a simple effort to save money. It’s interesting staying at hostels because everyone is generally in the same boat—the cheap one—and trying to save money. There was a Finish guy at the Citadel in Jerusalem that had all his money stolen and after paying his spot on the roof for a week, had 80 shekels left for the week. That’s a falafel a day.

I haven’t been eating much for breakfast, so I went all out today. So worth the $7. – iPhone

I quickly became fascinated wandering along the lively streets towards the water. Not just any water, this is the water that Jesus walked on. Cafes, bars, restaurants, but most were all selling slurpees and icecream, and a few pizza. The streets were alive with yount men and women, the girls all prettied up for a night out on the town. It was very warm and I was quite comfortable walking in my shorts and t-shirt, covered in a light sweat from earlier. Music blasted out of the cafes and bars, drifting waves of top 40 western club music onto the streets. I found myself on the waterfront, distracted from my food finding mission by the nightlife. I was quite pleased. I love waterfronts, especially on warm nights. There were big wooden tour boats and small speedboats all tied up. Across a small strip of water Gotye sang from an open air jutty bar. It was interesting that it felt much more authentic, inhabited by locals, and yet it was very westernized.

Waterfront shop, icecream, slurpees, soft drinks… 1/100 sec, f/10, iso 400, 18 mm

It’s a pretty dirty city, and it reminds me quite heavily of Addis Ababa in terms of the street construction and layer of dust or dirt that covers everything, bleaching it grey. I had planned to take a bike around the sea, but I don’t think I have the energy and don’t want to pay the 70 shekels for the rental. I think I’ll just wander aimlessly around for the rest of the afternoon, have something nice to heat and then head for Haifa as sunset approaches, for the first day of my pilgrimage!

I love boats. 1/320 sec, f/6.3, iso 100, 46 mm

This afternoon while killing time in Tiberius, and being quite bored, I ran into Fatimah and Julie, which was a pleasant surprise. We sat down for dinner together and shared a pizza. Julie asked me to explain what the Baha’i faith was and we had some very interesting conversation about the Faith, and the equality of men and women in Catholicism and Islam.

After I headed to the bus for Haifa. I was utterly lost upon arriving in Haifa, and could not see the water anywhere, which threw me off. I spent quite some time asking people for directions but no one seemed to speak English well enough to help. Finally after phoning the information people from the bus info phone several times, and being transferred to someone who spoke better English, I found a bus to take. Thankful for being here before and having a faint memory of the city I managed to get off at the right place and find my way to the hostel without any problems.

I’ve got lots more written, I just have to transcribe it to the interwebs. Hopefully I’ll have a chance tomorrow, but tonight I must sleep.