Lyrical REMIX of Flo Rida’s WHISTLE

Karim and I were hanging out last night, and as often happens when we do that late at night we decided to create something. A couple months ago I’d suggested to Karim that he do a lyrical remix of Flo Rida’s song ‘Whistle’ after we’d finished listening to it on the radio and talking about how shocking it was. We had thrown around some ideas for lyrics at that point, and Karim had started writing a few verses. The sound bite at the beginning of the track is something I pulled off of the Miss Representation trailer which directly addresses the painful impact that this type of music (and the culture that goes along with it) has on the young minds that it permeates. The idea was really to take this incredibly catchy yet shallow and worthless track, and make it catchy, inspiring and meaningful. So last night Karim brought it back up, and we went back into the creative world. He finished the lyrics, recorded it, and I did the video (and some off key whistling that he was supposed to cut out). As you’ll see, it was a lot of fun as it’s a very catchy beat, and Karim does an incredible job of delivering a very inspiring message from an entirely different paradigm than that currently propagated through the mass media. Enjoy!