It’s remarkable the way that we interact with cities. So often for many of us I think we interact with them in a similar manner each day. We have our routes, our spots, and we move between these with regularity. Seldom, however, do we actually get to explore, search, and soak up the diversity of our cities outside of our own predetermined paths. This project for me was really an empowering one, as it challenged me to get out of my comfort zone, to break free from those paths that I was so used to and try to understand the city that I lived in. As a photographer this was a particularly interesting challenge in Haifa. As a city that has developed in spurts under different rules over such a turbulent history, it’s a dense, complex, and rough place making it a challenge to compose into a single frame.
Ultimately this was an exploration to find myself and my place where I lived, to come to terms with these streets, to see what was out there that I wasn’t seeing. You’ll see through these images how my gaze shifted and went through different waves as my inner being made new discoveries and shifted in its focus. Ultimately you’ll see that I found myself not in the city, but in the sea, and in the sky. My eye eventually wandered from the urban landscapes immediately before me, and out to those landscapes where I found myself at peace.

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